The Beginners Guide to Hitting a Baseball: Simplify what you do!

Are you looking to become a better baseball hitter?

Are you just starting the journey or have you been playing for a few years? (See more below video)


As a parent or as a player who wants to maximize your hitting ability in baseball, you must first simplify and master the fundamentals.

What are the fundamentals?

Before you get into a ton of fancy drills, tools to make you a better hitter, etc. you need to have a consistent hitting routine.

  • That routine should consist of:

    Tee work

  • Front Toss

  1. While doing your tee work and front toss, you should have 3 main areas of focus:

    Get 200 swings per day in (50,000+ swings over the course of the year)

  2. Be athletic in your setup and movements

  3. Swing the bat with intent (swing hard)

If you master those 3 parts of your routine, you'll automatically become a better baseball hitter and will start to pass up your competition.

Too many athletes and parents look for the shortcut to hitting improvement. I hate to break it to you, but there is no shortcut. You have to work as hard as you can and have a 10 year vision of what you/your player will look like. Consistency over a decade will make a great baseball player!

Please watch Tad's video going into this in more detail.

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Most importantly, just keep working day in and day out!

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