focus on the skills that set you apart

Exit velocity, throwing velocity, 60 time

HS Training

Our High School baseball training will help your son become the best player he can. Our coaches have played at the D1 and pro level. We also have 2 former D1 coaches on staff. We put our athletes through daily defense and hitting training. Our strength staff also individualizes each player's workout.

  • HS Training Ages


    Freshman through Seniors

  • What we work on


    Hitting: Bat speed and swing mechanics

    Defense: Specialized for each position

    Throwing velocity

    Core strength and speed

  • Workout Times

    Monday: 7-9p

    Tuesday: 7-9p

    Wednesday: 7-9p

    Thursday: 7-9p

    Friday: 5-7p

    Speed Training: Monday at 7p

    Strength Training: 4-6:30 M-F

the Cagerat difference

Let’s be real: most high school baseball training programs talk a big game, but your son doesn’t improve.
Tons of great high school baseball players end up at places where the coaches don’t know what they’re talking about. The coaches give confusing tips and don’t give them the attention they deserve. They just stand there and yell at the group while your son waits in line for your next drill.
And no one gets better.
At CageRat Baseball, our training is different.
We provide college-level training that keeps your son moving and engaged the whole time. Plus, we measure his progress so you can see how much better he gets.
By tracking his data, we can SHOW you how much better he is getting. Other programs only ask "isn't he getting better?"
By showing you the data, you can hold us accountable. If your son's metrics don't go up, we will work together to figure out the cause. There is a reason we have produced so many D1 athletes. We know the measurements needed...and we push our athletes to get there.
Patience. Consistency. Intensity.
That is the "magic" formula to play D1 baseball.


JV Package

$ 125 per month
  • 1 day/week training
  • Great Introduction to higher levels of baseball

Varsity Package

$ 200 per month
  • 2 days/week of training
  • Start to building a strong foundation

D1 Package

$ 350 per month
  • Unlimited Skills Training
  • Includes individualized strength and speed
  • For those who want to take their game to the D1 level