Preparing for varsity baseball...

and beyond

High School Prep Training

A high school prep training program focused on player development that will give the athlete the skill set they need to play high school baseball.

  • HS Prep Training Ages


    13-14 Years Old

  • What we work on


    Hitting: Bat speed and swing mechanics

    Defense: Specialized for each position

    Throwing velocity

    Mobility and Injury Prevention

    Individualized Strength Program

    Speed and Explosiveness

  • Workout Times

    Monday: 5-7p or 7-9p

    Tuesday: 5-7p or 7-9p

    Wednesday: 5-7p or 7-9p

    Thursday: 5-7p or 7-9p

    Friday: 5-7p

JV Package

$ 125 per month
  • 1 day/week training
  • Great Introduction to higher levels of baseball

Varsity Package

$ 200 per month
  • 2 days/week of training
  • Great start to building a strong foundation

D1 Package

$ 350 per month
  • Unlimited Skills Training
  • Includes individualized strength (13+) and speed
  • Great for those who want to take their game to the D1 level

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