Helping our athletes reach their goals

Our Mission

To give every player the opportunity through training, development and recruiting to reach their full potential and play baseball at the highest level their abilities allow.


In 2010, Tad Reida founded CageRat Baseball to help baseball players reach their full potential. Our players have gone on to play at schools like Alabama, University of North Carolina (ACC), Air Force, Marshall, and New Orleans.
Since 2010, we have grown into one of Colorado's best organizations. CageRat Baseball started with one player taking lessons in a cage at a high school. In 2020, CageRat Baseball built the largest indoor training facility in the state. The facility includes 26,000 sq ft of turf containing a full size high school infield and 6 cages. Additionally, there is 4,000 sq ft weight room and a pitching lab for players to increase their velocity.
The next phase of growth includes building an outdoor baseball field at the current location in Colorado Springs.