We have been receiving quite a few questions lately, so I wanted to take this article and write about a few of them:

Q: If I don’t play for my school, will it affect my chances to play collegiately?

A: The answer to this question is not always as straightforward as it may seem.

I will preface this answer by my saying I highly recommend kids play high school baseball in the Spring! There is a sense of pride that competing for your school brings as well as an opportunity to play alongside your classmates.

However, the answer to this question, for the most part, is “No.”

Whether or not you play for your high school team has no bearing on if you play collegiately.

The reason why is college coaches do not go out and watch Spring games because they are in their own season. 95% of the evaluation of players by college coaches happens during the Summer and Fall!

With that being said, though, make sure the reason you are not playing for your high school is not because of character issues or anything like that. There is a chance that the college coach will ask you why you’re not playing for your high school, so be prepared to give a good answer!

Q: Is it better to be a walk-on player than try to be recruited?

A: You ALWAYS want to try to be a recruited player if possible.

There are 2 different levels of recruited players: Scholarship players and recruited walk-ons.

Both of these players have been specifically asked by those college coaches to play for that school, so both will most likely have a guaranteed roster spot.

Being a traditional walk-on should be your last resort.

Typically between the scholarship players and recruited walk-ons, there aren’t many spots available for traditional walk-ons, so your chances of making the team are diminished significantly!

Q: What is the roster limit for D1 baseball?

A: There can be 35 players on the roster. Out of those 35 guys, only 27 can be on scholarship!

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