In baseball, and in life, everything revolves around your ability to build relationships. Whether you are trying to find a college to attend or land a job, your ability to build relationships is what is going to help you get ahead!

Here is a list of why relationship building can help make or break your career (and life):

It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know: I’m sure you have heard this phrase many times throughout your life, but right or wrong, this statement is almost always a fact! If you are starting from the bottom without knowing anyone, it is going to be very hard to advance (or get noticed). However, if you are tied into a network of people that are well connected, they can make phone calls on your behalf or they can help you land a job or scholarship!

We as humans are naturally loyal: If there are two players that are at a tryout or interview, and all other things are equal, the advantage will ALWAYS go to the one that has a relationship or connection to the coach/employer. To the employer/coach, a lot of times being loyal to their network is the first priority. Now, if the non-connection is by far the better candidate he will still usually get the scholarship or job!

People want to see people they like succeed: Most people get a sense of satisfaction from seeing people they know and like rise up the ladder. As a coach, I get the most fulfillment out of watching guys I have great relationships advance through pro ball and make it or guys that advance from 14 years old and sign D1 scholarships! These types of people are more than willing to do whatever it takes to help their network get an advantage and succeed!

These are obviously only a very few reasons as to why building relationships are important. As a person and a player, you want to be the guy that everyone know and likes! When you see a coach, go over, shake his hand and introduce yourself to him. He is much more likely to remember you next time!

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