What type of love do you have for baseball?

Is it the type where you enjoy playing games? You love to root for your favorite team on tv or go to an MLB game?

Or is it the type of love where you REALLY enjoy the work of baseball? Taking ground balls, hitting batting practice, lifting weight, tracking your progress…all of the things that make baseball players great.

IF you really want to play baseball at a high level, whether that be in college or professionally, you MUST have that second type of passion for the game.

Truly great players enjoy the process of BECOMING a baseball player. 

Every single one of them loves playing games and sets their goals to get better.

However, what separates the average baseball players from the great ones is the great players go to bed excited to wake up at 5a to work out.

They have their plan for success and they attack that plan EACH AND EVERY day.

Part of succeeding in the game is just showing up each and every day ready and willing to put the work in.

When it clicked for me

Growing up, I was always a fairly hard worker. I enjoyed taking batting practice, fielding ground balls and playing long toss….I enjoyed those things because I was good at all of them.

However, I HATED lifting weights and eating for growth.

I had zero desire to lift and would rather have snacked on junk food and drank coke than taken my nutrition seriously. That was much easier.

I can remember the exact day it all clicked for me.

I had just finished up the Area Code Games tournament in Long Beach, CA. While it was an honor to be there, I was a bit disappointed with myself because among the elite, I was average at best.

After our last game, the scout that had recommended me to go to the Games (who is now a personal friend) sat me down and told me if I wanted to get drafted I needed to get in the weight room and put on 20 pounds. That was the ONLY way I was going to have a chance at a professional career.

That was a HUGE eye opener for me. I had never thought my size was going to stop me from playing the game…until then.

As I flew back to Indiana, I sat down and rewrote ALL of my goals and then I wrote out the workout I was going to do to reach those goals.

That wasn’t enough though!

It was great to write out all of those things, but I HAD TO TAKE SERIOUS ACTION if I wanted to reach my lofty goals.

I think for me, along with you and most kids (and parents) it is very easy to talk about what you are going to do and how high you are going to reach.

For me, I didn’t really begin to achieve my goals until I began to take that action.

It wasn’t easy at first.

The first couple of week of action were VERY difficult.

I had to drag myself out of bed at 4:30a to lift weights. I was sore. I was eating ALL the time (forcing food down). I was carrying water bottles with me everywhere to stay hydrated. And most of all, I was BUSY for pretty much the entire day.

I had maybe an hour to relax all day.

My schedule was: workout, school, baseball workout, homework, eat in between all of those, and then bed.

A funny thing happened though after about a month. 

After about a month of repeating my routine day in and day out (even on weekends), my body and mind became accustomed to it.

Getting up became easy, I was no longer sore, I felt great from all of the good nutrition and most importantly I was seeing huge results.

That continued month after month.

After about 3 months of doing this work, I went to bed so excited to wake up I could hardly sleep…and that was EVERY night.

I knew that when morning came, I was going to get better because my routine and process was set and I just had to work my butt off.

My friends thought I was crazy…

After about 10 months of performing that type of work, the results were unbelievable. I had added 30 pounds. My arm strength had gotten even better. My 60 time had actually decreased with the weight gain (added strength). And most impressively for me my power numbers went through the roof.

After 10 months of busting my butt EVERY day, the Philadelphia Phillies drafted me.

Why am I telling you this?

I don’t want you to wait another day longer for you to begin to enjoy the process.

Whether you are a freshman or a senior, you can start becoming the best player you can be TODAY.

Don’t wait on a scout or college coach to tell you “if you put on 20 pounds, you may have a chance to play for us.”

If you wait on them to tell you that, it very well could be too late!

Take it from someone who has been through that experience….START RIGHT NOW! Take action today to become the best you can be.

What is funny is if you begin to do this today, your actions will carry over into all of your areas of life. People who strive for greatness are usually great in everything they do!

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