I write a lot about work ethic, character, and commitment. Why is this? To me, these items are three characteristics that are a vital part of becoming both a great baseball player and a great person. I always preach that baseball (or any sport in general) should be used as a vehicle for you to get where you want to go. Baseball itself without these three key characteristics does not develop you as a person and it really holds you back as a player.

With this article, I really want to focus on commitment and what it means to me.

What is commitment?

To me, a commitment is something that you CHOOSE to undertake and with that choice, you should put all of your mind, heart, and effort into making good on whatever the commitment is.

There are many different types of commitments you can make. You can make a commitment to a team, to yourself to reach a goal, to your parents to do something they ask, etc. The bottom line is when you make a commitment you are giving your word to someone (including yourself) to perform a certain task with the expectations of attaining a certain result.

In some instances, the result is 100% in your control. In these types of commitments, you are doing task oriented job like taking out the trash, mowing the yard, doing your homework, etc.

There are other types of commitments where your results are not 100% guaranteed. For example, you are never guaranteed to get a 100% on a test. You are never guaranteed to play college baseball. You are never guaranteed to win a game, etc.

To me, however, more importantly than those results that are out of your control is the effort you put into making those results. If you make a commitment to a team and your team goals are to win the state championship, the MOST important thing is that you give everything you have to that team to make that happen. If you work as hard as you can and are a great teammate, you can look at yourself in the mirror and know you did everything you could do, whether or not you achieved those goals.

The same thing goes for your personal goals. I always tell my guys that they are the only ones that have to answer to themselves. It is 100% their careers and their lives, so if they are comfortable with the work they have put in towards their commitments, then why shouldn’t I be?!

Whenever there is a doubt, always go above and beyond what is asked and what you know is necessary to reach a goal. You can never go wrong by doing too much, but if you do too little, you will always question whether or not you could have been more prepared!

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