Having great bat speed will help any player get into the door of college or professional baseball, but the key to staying there and advancing in an organization is the ability to consistently repeat one’s best swing.

What does that mean?

If a player takes his “perfect” swing (the swing that is very “easy”, fluid, powerful, and on plane), and is able to put that swing on every pitch he swings at, he will have a very high level of success.

Every player strives for consistency in his hitting, yet few players actually put in enough work and take enough quality swings to be consistent.

If a player is hitting off of a tee or working on front toss and cannot square 80-90% of the balls off of the back of the net, he has not figured out how to repeat his best swing.

In every organization I have ever coached or played in, the most consistent hitters have always been the players that have worked on their swings the most.

Looking at video and studying other hitters is great and has its place, but unless the player actually spends the time in the cage repeating his swing over and over, day in and day out, he will not be a successful hitter.

I have yet to meet a great hitter that just comes to the yard each day for the game, goes 1-3 or 2-4 and then goes home.

In all great organizations, you will find players hitting at all times of the day; before school, after school, before practice, after practice, etc.

If you want to be great, go out and make it happen! Don’t wait for your perfect swing to come to you.

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