Having a good load is a critical part of having a great swing. We will discuss the mechanics of a good load in a different article. Today, I want to discuss why it’s important to have a good load.

There are 3 reasons that come to mind when thinking about why a good load is critical.

1. Gets the bat head in motion: The hardest part of any swing is getting started. Having a little movement in the bat head during the load will get it in motion. Once it is in motion, it is easier to keep in motion.The easier it is for a swing to get started, the less likely you are to swing at bad pitches. Having an easy start to a swing also is going to allow you to square more balls up by keeping your swing fluid and not starting with your front shoulder.

2. Helps to get separation between hips and shoulders: If the load sequence is done properly, it will allow you to get separation between your hips and your shoulder. The hands load while the hips are shifting forward, which allows the hips to get ahead and pull the hands through the zone. This will allow for maximum torque and bat speed.

3. Keeps the swing fluid: As discussed above, the load helps your swing stay fluid. Once your load begins, your hands and back elbow should continue in motion until you either swing or take the pitch. People that have a very quick load and stop their momentum, usually have very jerky/forced swings. This makes hitting at a very high level almost impossible. The smoother your swing, the easier it will be to make adjustments and hit high-level pitching.

The three reasons listed above are why the load portion of the swing is critical.

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