There is no magic pill

Too many players and parents today are looking for a “quick fix” for a player’s swing.

They listen to hitting coaches speak and believe that if they pay $100 for a lesson once/week the coach will fix their (or their son’s) swing.

Unfortunately, that is NOT enough.

The ONLY way to become a great hitter is through a massive amount of reps.

Realistically, to become an elite hitter, you need to be taking 1500+ swings every week for years.

Like anything else in life, becoming an expert at something takes thousands upon thousands of hours to achieve…if you want to be an average hitter, you can put in minimal work.

Every kid that has ever come to a workout with me knows this:

It is great they come to hit with me, BUT they need to treat my workouts as a test. We work on something during the workout that they will take as their homework to work on until our next meeting. Then, we will see how much they have improved in that one area.

If a player only came to hit with me once per week and then did nothing the rest of the week, they would just be wasting their money.

It is critical that you swing the bat 5-6 days per week with approximately 200 swings per session…as hard as you can.

That is the ONLY sure fire way of building up bat speed, strength in your swing, as well as repeatability in your swing.

As with all things in life, don’t rely on someone else to make you great. If you truly want to play baseball at a high level, take it upon yourself to make it happen.

Go out today and take 200 swings as hard as you can. This can be off of a tee, in front toss or even dry swings if you have no equipment…just get in the habit of getting those swings in EVERY day!

Let me know below: Are YOU getting enough swings in? How many swings do you think it takes to become great?

Make sure you don’t waste any days. Each day you wake up, have a plan for success and attack that plan!

Let me know if you need anything from me.

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