I want to take this article and break down the recruiting process into the simplest form possible. Many people make the recruiting process much more complicated than it really is! Here are the three main components to the recruiting process:

You have to be good enough: This is a very harsh reality, but the MOST important thing that is in play with the recruiting process is quite simply the fact that if you do not have the skill set to play at a certain school, you will not play there! Being able to self-evaluate, set goals and achieve the standard tool set necessary to play at a certain level is absolutely vital to playing where you want to play!

You have to be seen by the coach in person: Many people believe that sending emails and videos will get them recruited. While this may get a coach to notice you and interested, 99.9% of the time, that coach will have to see you play live (usually in a game) before they recruit you and/or offer you a scholarship. Without the coach being able to put his eyes on you, it is very hard to get a true feel of how good you actually are.

The school has to have a need for you: This is the part that most players don’t know about or understand. No matter how good you are, if that particular school already has 3 players at your position including a returning Freshman All-American, they most likely won’t recruit you. Coaches usually won’t over-recruit positions without a reason because it leads towards animosity as well as bad blood in the clubhouse.

Obviously, this is a very simplistic approach to it all, but if you don’t understand these three points, it will be hard for you to formulate your personal recruiting plan!

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