The secret to understanding the recruiting process

The biggest issue players and parents have in the recruiting process is they lack the knowledge of how to get the attention of a college coach.

There is so much information out there in regards to what needs to be done.

Some say you must play on a summer team.

Others will tell you that spending money on a recruiting service is a MUST.

What do you think? What makes the recruiting process so easy for some families and so stressful for others?

Having been a D1 coach and had the opportunity to evaluate thousands of players and receive tens of thousands of emails, I can give you first-hand experience as to what myself and my coaching peers are looking for in a player.

I know what makes me open an email and what makes me just click “delete.”

Being recruited isn’t rocket science!

You must think about the recruiting process as being similar to trying to get a job.

How do you get a job?

First, you must have the required skillset necessary to obtain the position.

Second, you need to be in communications with the employer, so the employer knows you are interested in the position.

Third, you need to have a few quality references that the employer can call and talk with to make sure you are a quality person AND you have the skillset necessary.

Fourth, you are brought in for the interview.

Finally, you are either offered the position or you’re not.

This is the exact same for the recruiting process. I will break it down in terms of recruiting.

First, you need to have the necessary tools to play at the level you are striving for.

Second, you need to send personal emails to coaches telling them WHY you’re interested in their school and how you have the ability to play for them.

Third, you need to give the coaches the names of your high school and summer coaches, scouts who know you, and other people who can be of character witnesses. They WILL call these people if they have interest in you.

Fourth, you need to get in front of these coaches either at a tournament or at a camp so they can “interview” you by watching you perform.

Finally, if a coach likes you and has room, he will bring you in for a final interview (official or unofficial visit) and make an offer.

First step in the process

If you haven’t done so already, you NEED to figure out exactly where you stand in terms of the schools you want to play for.

If you have NO idea what level you can play, how will you know which schools to get in contact with?

How I can help you.

I have written and created hundreds of articles and videos for you to read in my blog. These articles are 100% free for you. These articles have been a huge help to thousands of players throughout the country better understand the recruiting process and HOW to develop the skills coaches look for.

The second, and more in-depth, way I can help you out is through my monthly ABPA Membership package.

As a member of the ABPA, you will learn:

  • Where each of your tools NEEDS to be
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  • and much more…

Here is what each member of the ABPA receives:

  • Monthly workout program written by D1 strength coach ($69/month value)
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  • Great discounts on member only products and services

The total value of an ABPA Membership is over $130 per month.

However, because my mission is to help as many players as possible, the membership is currently only $20/month.

I limit how many members I allow in each month, so each member gets tremendous value AND gets all of their questions answered.

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If you sign up, I will also give you 2 bonus items:

  • 3 Measurable tools handbook that tells you EXACTLY where your tools need to be to play at the different levels of college and professional baseball ($67 value)
  • Player Development Handbook to learn how to develop ALL of the tools coaches look for ($97 value)

The ABPA Membership is a month-to-month membership and you can cancel at any time

Finally, if you haven’t had the opportunity to check out the National Player Ratings, I HIGHLY recommend you do so.

The NPR is a very affordable service that will take a look at your tools, calculate a rating and then tell you exactly where you stand against the players you are competing against.

In my opinion, there is NO better organization in the country for players looking to get their money’s worth out of a showcase!

You can check them out at

Now that baseball season is in full swing, be on the lookout for a few emails from me per week. I will be sending out my free information on recruiting, player development, etc.

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