The first impression that you give off to a coach or scout is the exact same as the first impression you should be giving off to an employer, teacher or anyone else.

You want to give yourself every chance of being liked by a college coach or scout, and their first impression of you will either help or hurt your cause.

Obviously, the first thing they will see when they begin their evaluation is you.

Your appearance, demeanor, and the way you carry yourself is a huge determining factor as to whether or not you are a baseball player.

If you watch professional or college games, the players’ appearance (minus facial and head hair) is the same. Everyone has their shirts tucked in, pants pulled up, and belt and hat on.

You don’t see any professional or college players taking BP or ground balls with their uniforms untucked.

As for facial and head hair, I HIGHLY recommended staying clean cut until you PROVE yourself as an elite level baseball player!

The reason why is you do not want to give anyone reason to not want to watch you play.

If you are already a D-1 or professional athlete, you can grow a beard and have long hair, but I think that is something that should be earned!

Here is a checklist of a few items that can help you make a great first impression:


-Clean Hair Cut

-Clean Uniform

-Tucked in Shirt

-Clean Shoes

-Go Places with a Purpose

If you do these things every day, you will begin to “look” like you belong.

If you want to make a profession out of this sport, you have to ACT like a professional!

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