If you really want to get me stirred up, tell me how your “coach doesn’t do anything to get you recruited.”

Let me explain this VERY clearly:

It is NOT your coaches responsibility to find you a college or get you recruited!

It is your responsibility and your responsibility alone.

Can you have assistance along the way?


However, no high school or summer coach can “sell” you to a school, and if someone says they will have a connection to the school and will get you in, be cautious!

The role of coaches

Most players and parents need to understand the role of high school and summer coaches/programs.

Most parents and players expect when they pay $X amount of money to a travel team, it is the travel team’s responsibility to make sure the player finds a school.

Simply put, that is NOT the case.

The high school and summer coach/program has a few roles.

  • To develop your skills: This is a joint responsibility as you will NEVER develop to your full potential without a ton of work on your own. The coaches should give you the proper guidance on how to develop your tools and your game knowledge. You then need to track your progress and put in all the extra work to make sure you are becoming the player colleges want.
  • To serve as a reference to reach out to schools (after you have made contact) as well as to give the school their recommendation when the school contacts them: Your current coaches need to be able to verify your skill level as well as your character to give the college coaches a great recommendation for you.
  • To put you in the best situation and give you the best opportunity for you to be seen by coaches: This is especially true for summer/fall programs. They need to put you in tournaments where there will be coaches there to evaluate you. If you are playing in tournaments with no coaches, it does you NO good!

After that, being recruited is ALL you and your family’s (primarily the player’s) responsibility.

You need to be reaching out to the coaches to let them know why you’re interested in their school and why your skill set will allow you to play there.

You need to build the relationship with the coach.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: You need to perform well when the coach is there to watch you! You have to show off your talent in the little time the coach sees you play!

No matter what your objective is in life, remember this: The ONLY person who can make your goals happen is YOU. Others can assist along the way, but you must put in the work and take the initiative. If you do that on a regular basis, you will achieve success in whatever you do!

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