Written by Pat Sherald. Pat is head of strength and conditioning for the ABPA. He spent time as a coach at Lamar University (TX) and West Virginia University.

Have you heard the saying “speed kills?”

Speed is one of the three measurable tools we discuss at the ABPA.

However, unlike the other two tools, speed has a dual purpose!

Why does speed kill?

Coaches evaluate position players on five tools in baseball – hit, power, arm, fielding, and speed.

Hitting ability and power are directly related to the offensive side of the game and your arm strength and fielding ability are on the defensive side of the ball.

Where does that leave SPEED?

Speed is utilized on both sides of the baseball. That’s what makes it so valuable.

Defensively, the faster you are the more positions you can play.

Offensively with the introduction of the BBCOR bat, the evolution of the hitter will lean more towards the speed…and college coaches will continue to pay a premium for a guy that can run!

The faster you are, the easier it is to find a spot in the lineup for you.

Not everyone can become an Olympic caliber sprinter BUT anyone can get faster if they work at it.

A combination of a quality strength program, speed program and improvements in running mechanics can help every player improve.

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