It is amazing to me the lack of thought or consideration as to what people post on their Facebook wall or what they tweet on Twitter.

What you as an athlete don’t understand is that EVERYTHING you do, whether at school or on your “private” social networking site pages can and will be viewed by many different people in your future!

As a college coach, I have seen this first hand!

On virtually every occasion when a player was either recommended to us as recruit or we had just seen out at an event, the first thing we did when we got back to the office was to check Facebook (twitter wasn’t as big then).

Looking at what YOU say, what your FRIENDS post on your wall, and what pictures you have up shows a lot about your character and how well you would fit into our program!

Below are a few DON’T’s when it comes to posting and monitoring your Facebook or Twitter:

  • Never post, reply with, or put on another person’s wall vulgar or offensive language: This seems common sense enough, but many people think this makes them look “cool.” In reality, this shows a college coach, professional scout, or future employer how much you value your character and how well you would represent their school!
  • Be very careful as to what pictures you post: This is again common sense, but keep any pictures that are even questionable off of your site!
  • Monitor what your friends post and what pictures they tag you in: You are always guilty by association! If your friends have a certain character type, it’s safe to assume you probably have the same type of character!

Especially in today’s world where people are ACTIVELY looking to target athletes, you have to protect yourself even more! There are MANY cases of athletes getting into trouble because of Facebook or Twitter at all levels! It is ok to have a profile and to interact, but always do it in good tastes!

Remember: EVERYTHING YOU DO REPRESENTS WHO YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU COME FROM! You owe it to yourself and to your family, friends and school to show the world what you are all about!

“Being great is a choice! Unfortunately, so is being average…which do you choose?”

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