Another question I get asked very frequently is “Should I be going to different college camps throughout the winter?”

Going to a specific college’s camp is a very effective tool in your college recruitment marketing plan. Whether or not you are playing on a travel team during the summer, I still think this is a great thing to do and here’s why:

If you have your list of colleges in place that you are interested in, what better way is there to get directly in front of their entire coaching staff at the same time than by going to their camp. These coaches will be able to interact directly with you, work with you, and you’ll be able to tour the facilities at the same time.

Going to the college’s camp also shows the coaching staff how interested you are in their program. The recruitment process is a relationship building process and the more they see you, talk to you, and get to know you, the better chance you will have at playing at that school.

I am a very good example of this process working. Beginning in middle school and continuing through my Junior winter, I would always go to either Wichita State’s summer camp or winter hitting camp. It was my goal to play at Wichita State, and I wanted to get in front of Gene Stephenson and JT as many times as I could. Finally, because I had built a history with them, they flew out to Indianapolis following my Junior summer to watch me play! The camps had played a big part in my signing an NLI and playing at Wichita State!

During the winter, there is not a lot of baseball games being played, especially in the North. It is a great idea to find a big showcase in your area that has a lot of different college coaches attending and go to that. You should also pick 1 or 2 specific college camps that you have interest in and go to those as well!

As always, if you ever have a question as to whether a camp or showcase would be a good way to spend your time and money, feel free to email us and we will give you our opinion!

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