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I get a lot of emails and hear a lot of chatter about how hard it is to be noticed by coaches in big tournaments or showcases where there are hundreds and even thousands of players at the same event.

My response is always the same: coaches are VERY good at being able to separate players.

How do you separate yourself from the pack?

The first and most important thing you can do to separate yourself from everyone else is how you carry yourself.


As soon as you step out of your car, have your uniform on, with your shirt tucked in and hat on right. You should also have a clean hair cut as well as a clean shave.

When you are walking around the complex, walk and stand with GOOD POSTURE. Players with bad posture are usually very weak…and coaches can pick up on that.

Another thing to watch out for is how you interact with others. Coaches want to see how you treat your mom, sister, dad, teammates, etc. If you are treating them bad, who knows how you will treat your college coaches and teammates!

Just be a good person.

When you actually get on the field, carry yourself well and hustle everywhere you go. So many kids these days get looked over because they just walk/half jog on and off the field.

When you get to the MLB, you can do whatever you want! Until then, you are ALWAYS on show.

Think about each practice and game as an interview for a $1,000,000/year job. How would you present yourself to that employer?

The other way to stand out is through your play. Players with great arm strength, bat speed and running speed are easy for coaches to notice.

If you have one tool that really stands out, don’t be afraid to show it off! Maybe once per inning throw a ball as hard as you can across the diamond. Sprinting everywhere will show off your speed and your gait.

Coaches want the complete package

The players that are able to combine their “tools” with the way they carry themselves are the ones that stand out above EVERYONE else.

If you don’t have one of these two items, you had better do the other VERY well.

How you carry yourself is in YOUR control!

Don’t ever be crossed off someone’s list because of something that is in your power to do!

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