One of my biggest pet peeves, both now and when I was at West Virginia University, is when I call, email, or attempt to contact a player in some other way, and NEVER hear back from that player.

This is both disrespectful to the person making the call as well as can really hurt your chances of being recruited in the long run!

Whether a school contacting you is at the top of your list or not, you should ALWAYS respond to their correspondence promptly!

Here are a few reasons why:

  • The coach contacting you may go somewhere else: The recruiting process is all about building relationships. The world of college coaching is always changing. This means that just because a certain coach is at a school you don’t have a lot of interest in now, doesn’t mean in 6 months he’s not at a school you like! If he does make that move, and you already have that relationship, there is a good chance he will recruit you to his new school!
  • You should never “burn a bridge”: In the recruiting process and in life, you want to keep as many doors open to you as possible! During the recruiting process, you may feel like you are a really hot commodity one day, but one month later, your stock may have dropped. If you burned bridges and ignored coaches at smaller schools, you may not have any options left. There is also the chance that your initial school doesn’t work out, which means you’ll need another school to go to. Having these open doors will allow you to make phone calls. If you leave a sour taste in the coaches mouth the first time, you’ll likely be turned away!
  • Coaches talk to each other: Believe it or not, the coaching community is a very tight-knit group. The coaches from different schools hang out together while on the road recruiting as well as at the national coach’s convention. A lot of times they will bring up different recruits. The last thing you want is to have yourself be looked at in a negative light by coaches because you didn’t fill out their questionnaire!

There are obviously many more reasons to respond to all correspondence from college coaches.

Most importantly, it’s just polite and the right thing to do as a human being!

If you truly aren’t interested in a school, return the phone call or email and let the coach know. If you have already committed to another school, thank the coach calling you for his interest and let him know of your commitment!

Doing these small things says a LOT about your character!

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