It has been said over and over again that baseball is a game of repetition. How many people hear that, but don’t actually believe it..and if they do believe it, how many actually follow through on the repetition part?!

Every baseball player I have ever come across has always wanted to be the best.

I have never met a baseball player that has told me “I’m ok with being average.”

I have, however, met MANY baseball players who’s ACTIONS have told me they were ok with being average!

How do I know they’re ok with being average?

They do not have the burning desire to put in as many hours into their craft as is necessary to be great!

They would rather go hang out with their friends (or girlfriend) than go to the cages. They would rather have a laid back summer than hit the road playing as many games as possible!

So where does repetition fit into all of this?

Without the sheer volume of swings, ground balls, throws, etc. that is necessary, it is IMPOSSIBLE to become great in baseball!

You do not have to have great size or natural strength to be a MLB player.

However, whether or not you have the size and strength, you will NOT be a MLB player without the work ethic.

So how many reps is enough?

When it comes to hitting, I HIGHLY recommend all of my players take between 200 and 300 swing per day.

These swings can be off of a tee or with front toss. These swings are to groove your mechanics to the point where your swing becomes easy!

Every single great hitter I have ever coached or come across has all done this!

They live in the cage.

When it comes to taking ground balls or throwing, the same mentality holds true.

Without consistent work of a high number of repetitions, your body will not become coordinated enough to look good taking ground balls. Without playing enough long toss, your arm will not have a base of strength to truly be as strong and healthy as it can be!

There is only one way to know if you got enough repetitions in that day: When you look at yourself in the mirror, can you say you did everything you could to become as great as you could be?

When you step on the field, are you 100% confident because you know you did everything in your power to prepare? When it comes to work ethic, leave NO DOUBT that you are ready to go!

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