It is that time of year again where youth baseball sign-ups are in full swing!

As everyone is gearing up for another great baseball season, many families are asking themselves, “Which direction should I take my child in terms of the team he will play for?”

There are many options and price points out there for you to choose:

1. Recreational League Baseball
2. Little League Baseball
3. Youth Baseball Club Organizations

To determine which type of organization you should register for during the youth baseball sign-up season, you really must to look at your son’s baseball goals.

  • Does your child just want to go out and have fun with his friends?
  • Does your child desire to work hard and reach his full athletic potential?
  • Does your child want to have the opportunity to play at a higher level as he gets older?

The answer to the above questions (along with dozens of others), will determine what to do during the youth baseball sign-ups.

If your child enjoys baseball, wants to get better at baseball, and has goals to play against the best competition possible, signing up for a Youth Baseball Club will be the route you will want to really consider!

Here are my top 4 reasons why a Youth Baseball Club (like CageRat Baseball) will help you reach your baseball goals:

1. Our staff consists of coaches who have taken players from where your son currently is to the highest levels of baseball: We know what it takes to get your son where he wants to go. We really appreciate all the hard work volunteer coaches put into the kids. However, there is a difference between a volunteer coach who has no real experience and someone who has played and coached at the D1 and professional levels of the game.

2. Our training sessions teach hard work but are ran in a way that allows for each player’s love and passion for baseball to increase: We want to not only develop a kid’s baseball skills, but also his overall passion for the game. In our youth baseball club, players WANT to come in and work out every day. We have no requirements in how often they attend but our attendance rates for practices and training sessions are higher than other organizations because our players LOVE to practice and play baseball!

3. The competition level of tournament baseball is far superior to what you will get in recreational baseball or local little leagues: If you go watch a local little league or recreational league game and then watch a competitive team play, you will see significant differences in talent levels. The players who are playing for youth baseball clubs tend to compete at a higher level because they spend more time developing and practicing baseball along with being worked with my professional staff members.

4. Our organization is proven to help players reach their goals: If your son has baseball goals of reaching his full potential, making his high school varsity team, playing college baseball, and then hopefully one day playing professional baseball, you need to surround him with people who have a track record of helping others reach those goals.

As you enter the youth baseball sign-up season, you have a lot of items to consider.

However, if you ARE going to look into a Youth Baseball Club, make sure you do your research and find one that has a great reputation of treating your kids the right way as well as helping players reach their goals!

We invite you to come in for a 100% FREE training sessions and tryout.

This will give you the opportunity to learn more about our organization, see our training program and get an HONEST evaluation about your young baseball player!

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