Like many parents, you are looking for a quality youth baseball team that will help your son reach the highest levels of baseball.

When looking for a youth baseball team or organization to put your son on, where specifically do you want your son to fit on the roster talent wise?

Looking back on my career, once we stepped away from little league (little league was all that was available for us until about age 13), I was always on teams where I was not necessarily the best player in terms of my pure talent.

Playing on youth baseball teams with more talented players had positive impacts on my career. Here are a few examples:

1. Pushed me to work harder to get better: Whenever you surround yourself with people who are better than you, you always have a target you are striving to pass up within sight. Unfortunately, the players who are “big fish-little pond” cannot see who else is out there and better than they are. You have to constantly be working to get better and realize that you are competing with players from all over the country…not just in your county or even region. If you are among the best players in your state at your age group, simply play with older kids. As a 15-year-old, I played with 17- and 18-year-old players and it humbled me very quickly!

2. Kept me out of my “comfort zone” of feeling like I had my position guaranteed: When there are other players on your youth baseball team who play your position, and are slightly better than you, you must work harder, focus more in-games, and constantly look for ways to stand out compared to your competition. If you really want to win the spot, you must earn it. Nothing prepared you more for college baseball than being in a dog-fight for your top position every day you step on the field.

3. Made my in-game performance better: Along with point #2, when you are competing every day for a job, either your in-game performance is going to flourish or you are going to be playing a different position or on the bench. As a player, you need to learn how to play under stress and with pressure on you and nothing puts pressure on you like competing for a position.

4. Put me in front of more college coaches as I advanced in levels: As a college coach, I wanted to go watch games where I could see as many potential prospects for my school (West Virginia at the time) as possible. By playing with other quality players, your youth baseball team is going to attract more college coaches to the games. Don’t get me wrong, if a player is good enough, I am willing to go watch just him…however, when I get to the game and see multiple good athletes, it just puts me in a better mood!

Many players are afraid to play on a quality youth baseball team because they are afraid of what could potentially happen. They are afraid the coach will not play them at their favorite position or that they will potentially fail.

If you perform on the field, the coach will play you at the position you have earned. Nothing feels better than working hard and then finally earning your spot on a top team!
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