Do you have any idea how many recruiting services are out there that will “help you find a school”?

How many of those “recruiters” were ever even in college athletics as a coach….or even more, were even college athletes?!

Part of your job as a prospective student-athlete (or parent) is to be able to wade through all of the different teams, services, camps, tournaments, etc to give yourself the best opportunity to play college baseball.


THE MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do is to first understand exactly what level your skill set will allow you to play. 


By figuring out where you can play, you will be able to set realistic expectations for the level of school and then you can work on your skills to play at a higher level.

Nothing bothers me more than when a player comes to us and has had past organizations tell him they can get them scholarships in the ____(ACC, SEC, etc). After I evaluate the player, he throws 81 across the diamond and his exit velocity is 83. I am very sorry, but your current skill level does not allow you to play at that level. The past organization lied to you (or just doesn’t have a clue) and took your money…

I have one goal with my organization: I want each and every player in the country to have objective rating given to them so they know EXACTLY where they currently stand.

Once you know where you stand, you can create a plan to get better, measure if you are getting better, and then make a college recruitment plan.

You don’t need a recruiting service or professionally made videos!

You need the knowledge of where you are, to understand how to communicate with coaches and then a plan to get seen by those coaches.

Here is what I’d like to hear from you today:

What are your current measurable numbers:

  • Exit velocity off of a tee with a wood bat
  • Throwing velocity
  • 60-yard dash

Based on those numbers, where do you feel you can play in college?

I’m very interested to hear where you are and where you THINK you are!

We are now accepting applications for our CageRat Recruiting Program!

Our CageRat Recruiting Program helps you by creating an individualized plan based on your goals and skill level that will actually get you recruited. Our methods are based on how college coaches actually recruit and created by coaches with D1 coaching experience.

Due to the popularity of the program, we do not accept everyone that applies. If you would like to be considered for a spot in our program, please click “Apply Now” below!

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