Have you ever been around a hitter you would call a “natural” hitter? This is the type of guy that doesn’t seem like he needs to practice much, but yet he has bat speed, squares a ton of balls up and makes it look easy?
There are only a few hitters I have been around in both my coaching and playing days I would consider “natural” hitters.
The issue I have is it is sad there aren’t more “natural” hitters. Hitting is and should be something that, for the most part, you are able to do well by letting your body work as it should.
The #1 item that stands in the way of hitters is HITTING COACHES. As soon as most hitting coaches get involved, they take what is supposed to be natural and turn it into a “swing”. Most hitting coaches say things like “Knob to the ball”, “push the bottom hand”, “swing down on the ball”, and the list goes on and on and on…
If I told you to pick up an ax and chop down a tree, would you take the ax “knob” to the tree or push your hands to the tree? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! You would pick up the ax with your back elbow to the side, rotate your back knee and core and deliver the ax to the tree. Hitting a baseball is the EXACT same.
Your core controls your swing, not your hands. Your hands and your finish are a by-product of using your bottom half and core correctly.
Every time you swing, your goals should be a) swing with bat speed b) stay connected c) square the baseball up with authority.
If your swing is “natural”, it will be easy, controlled, and repeatable…it is much easier to repeat a swing if your big muscles are controlling it versus the small muscles in your arms, forearms and hands.
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