What do your measurable tools numbers mean?

Wow…finding out where your skills are in relation to your goals of playing college baseball must be a popular subject! I received over 100 email responses from my email yesterday!

I appreciate every one of your responses and I want to help you out however I can! If I haven’t responded yet to you, I will! I personally respond to each email, so sorting through over 100 and responding takes some time!
Most of the responses I received included the player’s exit velocity, throwing velocity and 60 time…and then after, most included the question, what does this mean? Or what level can I play?
In order to help answer this question, I wrote a very detailed article/PDF on the 3 Measurable Tools. You can read it by clicking here.
That article describes in detail what the 3 Measurable tools are as well as where your current numbers put you! Obviously, having a certain number doesn’t GUARANTEE you a certain level of play. However, without that number, playing at that level is significantly higher!
Back to yesterday’s emails
What struck me most was the dozen or so emails I received from players who had VERY GOOD measurable tools but yet weren’t signed or committed anywhere!
How could someone who has legitimate D1 numbers not have a scholarship to a D1 school…or even a few D1 offers?!
I want to hear what your thoughts are on this! Let me know what you think and I’ll give you my answers tomorrow.
Also, if you have any other questions on the recruiting or development process, send them over to me. These questions give me great topics to discuss and most likely if you have the question, there are dozens of others who are reading this who have the same question!

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