Are you looking for youth baseball camps in Colorado that are fast paced and high energy…where your son is not only going to learn and develop his skills but he will do it in an environment where there is not a lot of standing around?

So many camps I have attended as a college coach were what I would consider “boring” for the kids. It doesn’t matter if the camp is for 8-13 year olds or for high school athletes getting “showcased,” there is a proper way to run a camp that gets everyone who attends exactly what they need and more!

As a parent looking for youth baseball camps in Colorado (or high school showcase camps), be on the lookout for a few items:


1. There aren’t “bread lines”: Many camps you attend have a ton of kids and few coaches. This isn’t a bad combination unless the people running the camps are inefficient in how they run it. The key to a successful camp, whether there are 10 kids or 1,000 kids, is to keep everyone constantly moving and working. That will allow them to get the most out of camp and help you feel like you aren’t just throwing away your hard-earned money!

2. The coaches are reputable and have a history of developing baseball players: Most camps charge anywhere from $75 to $500 to attend. Make sure that when you spend that type of money, you know your goals for the camp attendance, what you plan on getting out of the camp, and that they can deliver for you. Ask questions before signing up!

3. If they said college coaches will be in attendance, make sure they GUARANTEE they will be there: In today’s Facebook heavy world where everyone announces their every move, organizations are throwing around their college “commitments” and acting as if they are close with college coaches very loosely. Many youth baseball camps in Colorado charge a premium because of college coaches being in attendance…which is well worth the price of admission IF those college coaches actually attend!

At the end of the day, as you are looking for the perfect youth baseball camps in Colorado to attend, make sure your money is going to an event that will help his son get closer to his end baseball goals!

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