I have had quite a few conversations lately with players that are either just beginning the recruiting process or are right in the middle of it.

Most of the conversations come back to asking me if I think the college coach has a genuine interest in the player.

The level of interest is usually gauged by the type of contact the college coach has with a recruit.

Obviously, the NCAA has strict rules in place regarding age of recruit and type of contact, which will be a topic in a future article. The rank of interest goes in this order:

Generic camp email (Anytime during high school): This email goes out to everyone in their distribution list.

This does not indicate whether a school is or is not interested in you, but rather just indicates you are in their system.

Regular email correspondence (Anytime after start of Junior Year): This type of email correspondence is personalized and is directed either directly at just the recipient or possibly at a small group of recipients on the school’s “hot list.”

This type of email does indicate a level of interest, but is just the beginning of the process.

This email typically will go out to all the recruits on the college’s radar and will begin to be reduced as the coaches see more of these players.

An “Unofficial Visit” offer (Anytime): An “Unofficial Visit” offer goes out to a more select group of people than the regular mail correspondence.

If you receive this offer, it means the coaches have a genuine interest in you, and they may or may not want to offer.

A lot of it has to do with the age of the prospect at the time.

Unofficial visits do take up a lot of the coaching staff’s time, which is very valuable and they wouldn’t waste their time on just any random player.

Phone Call (After July 1 following Junior Year): If you receive a phone call from a college coach, it means you are on their short list.

It definitely doesn’t guarantee that they are going to be offering you a scholarship, but it does mean you are important enough for them to make a phone call to you and they want to take the recruiting relationship to the next level.

An “Official Visit” offer (After the start of your Senior Year): If you have received an offer to go on an “Official Visit” to a college, this means they are very interested in you and more than likely will want to offer you a scholarship or at the very least a “recruited walk-on” spot.

Colleges only have 25 “Official Visits” to give out each year, so they have to make the most out of each one.

Also, it costs a school a lot of money to bring a player in for an official visit because the school pays for the player’s transportation, hotel, food, as well as gives the player’s host player money for food.

A Scholarship Offer: Obviously, this is when you actually know whether or not a school is interested in you.

All of the above levels of communication are educated guesses that the coach is interested in you, but once the offer has been put on the table to seal the deal, you know the school wants you!

If you ever have a question as to whether or not a school is interested, please feel free to send us an email and ask us.  We will do out best to walk through the situation with you and give you our opinion on what the school is thinking.  Our staff is full of former college coaches and players who have been through this process MANY times and we want to do everything we can to help you out!

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