I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about videos, how much to spend on them, and what they need to entail.

Videos of your playing ability can be a great tool for the introductory email to introduce yourself to a college coach and a quick way to see if a coach would have ANY interest at all. Videos are NOT going to sell a coach on you but can definitely get him interested!

Here are a four tips on how to create an effective video:

  1. First, and most importantly, videos do NOT have to be fancy and definitely do NOT need to be dressed up with music and transitions: You should NEVER pay several hundreds or thousands of dollars to have a video made! As long as coaches and clearly see you hit, throw, field, or run from the proper angles, that is all that matters!
  2. Don’t make the video too long: The coach will not sit there and watch a 20 minute video of you because he doesn’t have the time. A 2-3 minute video that shows you doing EVERYTHING is much more effective! A coach can tell after 4-5 swings, 3-4 throws, and a few groundballs whether or not you have a chance to play for him and whether or not he wants to see more of you!
  3. Show different angles: When hitting, you want the view directly from the side and, if possible, from the front. When fielding, a view from home plate as well as a view from 1st throwing across are good. With pitching, a side video and a view behind the catcher are perfect! If you want to add a 60, record it from the finish line.
  4. Number of repetitions: In total, you want about 10 of each item you do. This would mean 5 swings from the front and 5 from the side. Same thing with pitching and hitting! If a coach wants more, he will definitely ask for it!

Overall, your job with a video is to make the coach interested! If the video tries to sell the coach, it will be a quick turnoff. If the coach wants or needs something more or something specific, he will tell you exactly what he wants!

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