Do you really believe you are the best?

Is your confidence in yourself deep or does doubt linger without you knowing it?

I have never met a player who wouldn’t say they were the best.

I have, however, met MANY players who’s actions have contradicted what their mouths have said.

There is a very simple way to tell if you have true confidence or not.

When you hit a baseball very hard and someone catches it, what is your reaction?

If you throw a perfect pitch in the exact location you want and the umpire calls it a ball, what do you do?

If you are a truly confident player, you will have ABSOLUTELY NO reaction. You will simply shrug it off and move on.

If you don’t believe in your ability, you will react negatively.

If you have an ounce of doubt in your ability, you will say something like “Unbelievable…my hard hits ALWAYS get caught” or you will give the umpire bad body language after the missed call.

Why does a non-confident person react negatively:

If you don’t really believe in yourself, you will react negatively because YOU DON’T BELIEVE YOU CAN REPRODUCE THAT PERFORMANCE THE NEXT OPPORTUNITY YOU GET.

If you hit a ball hard, you NEED it to go for a hit because you aren’t sure if you will get a hit in your next at-bat.

A confident player knows he is going to hit the ball hard every time up, so if the ball gets caught, he will smirk and KNOW he owns the pitcher.

The game of baseball is very hard. You will make outs. Umpires will squeeze the zone when you pitch. That is about the only thing that is guaranteed during the game.

The truly great players all have the same approach. They don’t get flustered. They are poised each and every day because they know how important the mental side of the game is.

Your confidence and your reactions are also something college coaches look for. If you are throwing your helmet after you make an out, showing up the umpire on a missed call or getting mad at your teammates when they make an error, you are going to hurt your chances of playing collegiate baseball.

Remember, you are not expected to get a hit each time up to the plate. YOU WILL MAKE OUTS.

When you quit tying your “production” to your confidence level, your game will take off.

Believe in yourself each time you step in the plate and know you are going to beat the pitcher. If he happens to beat you, tip your hat to him and compete again next time!

Anyone can look good when they succeed….show everyone how to look good when you fail!

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