Don’t be fooled: Looks matter

Do you know an easy way to stand out?

Look around you and see what everyone else is doing…and then do the OPPOSITE of that.

When I go to watch games, I see shirts untucked, hats on backward, shoes untied, hair not cut, kids trying to grow facial hair (who can’t) and so much more!

If you think that the way you present yourself and your appearance doesn’t matter, you need to think again.

College coaches look at EVERYTHING in the recruiting process and the way you look is no different.

Every time you go to a game or showcase and step out of your car, think of it as an interview. How would you dress for an interview for your DREAM JOB?

Getting a scholarship or player professional baseball is most kids current dream job and games/showcases is the interview.

In today’s video, I discuss why it is important to present yourself well and how to do it.

Don’t take any part of your game or recruiting process for granted.

Please let me know what you’d like to see me discuss tomorrow!


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