Whenever I watch a very elite hitter, whether it be at the high school, college, or professional level, the first thing that is noticeable is how effortless their swing is in comparison to good hitters with a lot of bat speed.

Both levels of hitters have comparable bat speed numbers. However, the player with the easier and more effortless swing is the one that will continue to hit at the very highest level.

What does the elite hitter do differently?

The reason that the great hitters all look effortless is because they have great swing mechanics combined with great timing of their hitting sequence.

There are no quick or sudden movements to start their swings.

Everything throughout the swing is fluid and the big part of the body (legs and torso) along with their load help to get the bat moving at maximum velocity as soon as the swing is launched.

When the entire body is working correctly in sequence, there are no forced movements or extra effort.

Next time you are at a college baseball game where you don’t really know any of the players, watch batting practice and try to decide who the best hitters are.

Then, watch the game and look at the stats and see if you are right.

College is usually a good level to do this because there is still a pretty big difference between the top college hitters and the average college hitters but not as dramatic of a difference as high school.

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