Do you have the ability to see through a coach’s “hard-sell?”

As a parent, do you wonder how involved you should be in your son’s recruitment?

How can you be involved if the coaches contact your son directly?

Here is a question I received regarding this:

Dear Tad-
I would like your opinion on how much parents should be involved in the recruiting process of their son, when their son is still underage and coaches are reaching out to your son. Especially the part when grown men (coaches) are calling and/or texting your underage son (16) without going through the parents first. As a parent, I have a concern with coaches calling/texting my son directly (and now a year earlier because of NCAA rule changes). It may be just me and I certainly understand that they are recruiting my son and not me, but I feel that parents need to look out for my son’s best interest too. I feel that parents have the right to know what is going on and what coaches are telling their kid or promising him to lure him to their college.

You here all the horror stories about coaches promising this, that and the other thing to kids, to only being disappointed later on when they find out the coach was not totally upfront. Or worse yet colleges that over commit kids, just to get them off market to other colleges by getting them to verbally commit and then backing out later and not signing the kid when the time comes and leaving the kid high and dry with no plan B.


A concerned parent.

In today’s video, I discuss what the role of the parent is and how you can help your son make the best decision possible.

Remember, coaches ARE trying to sell your son on his program. As a parent, you have to have a level head and the ability to see through the “hard-sell.”

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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