Baseball is known as an individual sport played in a team setting with team concepts.

While being a good teammate and team player are absolutely critical to having a winning team and being a successful player, the majority of the game is played by each player competing against themselves.

When you begin to think about competing against yourself versus even competing against the opposing pitcher or hitter, the game and workouts will take on a whole new meaning.

Here is what I mean:

Hitting: Whether or not you are hitting front toss or hitting versus a 90 mph pitcher, the object is the same; square up the baseball!

If you have a swing that is consistent and easy enough to put consistent, good swings on a baseball that result in squared up baseballs in batting practice, you should be able to put those swings on baseballs in a game setting.

Players that are intimidated look at who is on the mound.

All you need to do is simplify your approach and focus on the aim: see ball, hit ball!

Pitching: Whether you are throwing a bullpen or facing a live hitter in the game, the object is the same.

You have to be able to believe in and execute the pitch thrown and hit the spot. If you are able to repeat your good mechanics and execute your pitches over and over again, you are going to be successful both in the bullpen and in the game.

Pitchers get in trouble in the game setting when they are nervous and don’t truly believe in their stuff.

This leads to aiming pitches, which results in balls being left over the plate!

Repeat, repeat, and execute!

Defense: No matter who is hitting, all defense and fielding consist of is repeating exactly what you have worked on in practice to field (or catch) the baseball and throw it to first base.

Being able to have to right reaction and angles is going to determine if you make the play or boot it!

Obviously, this is an oversimplification of the game.

However, the point of the article is to show you that if you consistently put a ton of work in the cages, taking ground balls, or playing catch and throwing bullpens, you HAVE to have success because when you get in the game situations, you are only REPEATING what you have done thousands of times in practice!

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