College coaches don’t recruit you based on…

Here is a pretty standard (and sad) conversation I have with players and/or their families:

“I don’t understand why I’m not getting scholarship offers. I hit .470 last year during my high school season.”

Or another:

“I can’t believe no one is recruiting me. I am the best pitcher on my team. I don’t throw hard, but I get outs.”

The issue is coaches don’t care about what you can presently do against high school competition.

College coaches and professional scouts only care if you have the ability or the potential to play at their level.

Unfortunately, during most players’ high school or summer seasons, they are playing competition that cannot play at a major college or professional level.

Doing well and having good numbers against sub-par players doesn’t tell a college coach whether or not you can play at his level.

If you want to play at the college level, you must have the tools necessary to play at that level.

The reason why players WITHOUT tools (bat speed, running speed, arm strength) can’t play at a high level is because the game becomes too fast for them.

Just like any game, the higher level you reach, the faster the game gets. As a player, you MUST have the ability to speed the game up and shrink the field with your tools.

Here is another free article I have written about why stats don’t really matter: Why your stats are meaningless

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