One of my BIGGEST pet peeves of all time are players that either do not know how to wear a hat or think it’s “cool” to wear a hat poorly on the baseball field!

Don’t get me wrong, your style off the field is whatever you choose to be (however, I still think you should look good off the field as well)! When you step on the field though, you need to be dressed as if you were in the Major Leagues!

How many times have you ever seen a MLB player wear a hat on the field to where you could see the front of his hair? The answer is NEVER! Yet, time and time again, I see players walking around amateur fields ALL over the country with their hair literally hanging in their eyes as they are either on the mound or in the field! What these players don’t understand is they do not look the part of a professional and are making it that much harder on themselves to get a college or pro look!

The bottom line for me is whenever you are on a baseball field, make sure the only hair you can see is on your side and in the back! This small thing will make the world of difference in your presentation…and presentation matters!

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