Being active on the base paths is key to putting pressure on the defense, disrupting their game, and helping your offense.

You do not have to be a speed guy to be a good base runner.

A well timed false break is a great skill to obtain because it can have a very positive effect on your offense.

A false break can open holes for your hitter, as well help put him in a hitter’s count.

If the middle infielder bites on your false break, it will take him out of position and towards the bag.

If the catcher bites on your break, he will pop. Umpires are much less likely to reward the pitcher with a strike especially on a close pitch if the catcher comes up out of position rather than framing the pitch.

Executing the false break

The key to successfully executing the false break is in being violent.

You want everyone in the park to think you are actually stealing.

The key is to get a shorter lead than normal.

When you see the pitcher is definitely delivering the pitch, give one hard cross over step. You want to swing your arms hard as to make it look like you are running.

Even a violent exhale of breath could make the first basemen give a runner call.

After the crossover step, quickly square back up to the plate. This will give you time to get back if the catcher back picks, as well as react to a ball put in play.

The false break can be very disruptive to a defense if correctly executed.

You want the defense to respect it however, so you do not want to overuse it.

There are many situations that are great for the false break.

Any time the hitter is ahead in the count, 1-0, 2-1, 3-1 is great as well as even breaking ball counts say 1-1 or 2-2.

The small victories lead to winning ball games.

Enjoy when your teammate squeaks a weak ground ball through the 6 hole because the shortstop went to cover the bag on your false break. Little things add up!

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