Have you ever been approached by a college “scout” or “recruiter”?
What have they told you? Have they told you they help schools find players? That they can even get you a scholarship?
Do these people typically charge a lot of money to send out emails? set up a profile? or to make phone calls for you?
Sounds great, doesn’t it?
Here is my issue
There is no such person as a college “scout” or “recruiter.”
“College Scout” and “College Recruiter” are a few titles businesses give to their employees to make them sound more official. Those titles make it so you will buy into their program.
The key players in the recruiting process
Each NCAA Division 1 school is allowed these positions:
  • (1) Head Coach
  • (2) Assistant Coaches
  • (1) Volunteer Assistant
  • (1) Director of Operations
  • Secretary
  • Team Managers
  • Support Staff (trainer, strength staff, etc)
If someone comes up and tells you they are a “scout” or “recruiter” for X school, they are lying.
Coaches do not hire people to scout or recruit for them (that is a NCAA violation).
Who else plays a role in the recruiting process
With that said, college coaches obviously do have a network of people they trust to give them information on players.
Who do these people include?
  • Summer/fall team coaches
  • Professional scouts
  • Close friends
  • People who they have grown to trust over time
The types of people that have the ear of coaches, do not typically advertise themselves as “scouts” or “recruiters.” They are baseball guys who understand how the recruiting process works.
Why recruiting services don’t work
As a college coach, I received DOZENS of emails every single day from recruiting services (big and small recruiting services) telling me about their “All-Star” player.
Guess what happened to those emails?
You guessed it…they got thrown in the trash.
But you have been receiving communication from colleges since you signed up for the recruiting service right?
Was most of the communication camp invites?
Most D1 coaches will take the contact information from the recruiting services and add it to their email database to invite you to their camp…that’s about as far as the relationship goes between you and the college coach.
Good players don’t use recruiting services because they don’t work.
I am not trying to sound harsh, but the fact of the matter is virtually EVERY D1 player gets their scholarship or roster spot from a source other than recruiting services.
Remember the 3 parts of the recruiting process?
  • You must be good enough (athletically and academically)
  • The coach must see you in person
  • The coach must have a need for you
I’m going to give you a huge piece of advice here 100% free.
Here is what you need to do to find a school INSTEAD OF PAYING A COLLEGE “SCOUT” OR “RECRUITER”:
  1. Get your physical tools to the point coaches will find you attractive
  2. Create a list of schools at ALL LEVELS you are interested in
  3. Find a quality summer and fall organization who has a history of placing players at schools you want to attend
  4. Create a short recruiting video that gets straight to the point and post it to youtube
  5. Have your 3 measurable tools tested regularly (60 time, arm strength, exit velocity)
  6. Write personal emails to ALL of the coaches at schools you have on your list telling them why you’re interested, your measurable tools, where you are playing in the summer/fall and your GPA/Test scores(point #4 in the link)
  7. Have your summer/fall coach contact the coaches you have interest in
  8. Perform when the coaches show up to watch you
  9. Continue to contact coaches and build personal relationships with them
Other things you can do
  1. With schools that have shown interest (not just camp letters), attend their camp (make sure your tools are close to that level)
  2. Attend winter camps where there will be a LOT of schools in attendance
  3. Ask for a coach’s honest feedback (ask what you need to do to play at his school or at what level he feels you could play)
I understand
Recruiting profiles and having emails sent for you sounds GREAT. You can tell when a coach looks at your profile. That is awesome.
But understand, you can do ALL of that on your own…for FREE!
Coaches don’t spend their day crawling through recruiting websites looking at profiles. They don’t want another mass email telling them about a “star” player.
There are TOO many players out there and the coaches have too many relationships to do this.
What do coaches want?
  • Coaches want to hear directly from you.
  • They want to see your youtube video to see if you have a chance to play for them.
  • They want you to send them references of baseball people they can talk to about you (your summer coach, high school coach, pro scout in the area, etc).
  • They want to watch you play in the summer and/or fall.
  • Most importantly, if you are good enough to play for them, they want to build a relationship with YOU.
I hope all of that makes sense.
As I have said, this may be the MOST IMPORTANT article we ever write on this website.
You only have one shot at playing college baseball.
I want to make sure you understand EXACTLY how coaches think and what it takes to become a college baseball player….at whatever level you may be able to play.
As always, if you have any questions, please click the button below to contact us.
Talk soon.
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