I am sure you have heard the saying “Size doesn’t really matter in baseball.” Baseball is my favorite sport because a league MVP can be 5’6” (Jose Altuve) or 6’6” (Giancarlo Stanton).

However, while height and weight may not matter in baseball as much as it does in football or basketball, a player’s strength and explosiveness is critical to his overall success.

Youth baseball strength training is one of the most undervalued and under-serviced parts of the baseball athlete.

Every player goes to hitting and pitching lessons and now, you are hearing of more and more players who have “personal trainers,” but youth baseball strength training and an overall player development program are missing from so many athletes and programs.

When I say the word “youth,” I am talking about ages from 8 years old all the way through high school and beyond. Obviously, the movements, rep sequencing, and weight used during an 8-year-old session should be different than a high school athlete.  However, athletes, regardless of age, can benefit tremendously from a youth baseball strength training program.

1. Improves range of motion and strength through the movement:

A major problem most athletes (and youth in general) face today is improper movement patters and flexibility due to the amount of time sitting. Athletes are not nearly as active outside of their sport compared with 20 years ago, which leads to tightness in the hips, hamstrings, lower back, neck, shoulders…and the list goes on. A proper youth baseball strength training program will address these issues and correct them as well. As these movements improve and get better, skill performance including hitting, throwing, catching, and fielding ground balls all becomes easier AND improves because the athlete is much more able to get into the positions required.

2. Reduces chance of injury:

As with point #1, lack of mobility and improper movement patters along with the added stress of throwing, hitting and working out puts athletes in vulnerable positions where injuries are much more likely. By implementing and/or utilizing a properly programmed youth baseball strength training routine, you will be able to greatly reduce your chance of all types of injuries including shoulder, lower back and hamstring.

3. Increases velocity of throwing and bat speed:

EVERYONE in baseball wants to throw harder and hit farther! Playing long toss, throwing heavy balls, swinging heavy bats and focusing on bat speed will ALL help you increase your hitting and throwing velocity…to a point. If you want to make these increases faster or you’ve hit a plateau and you want to get those numbers higher, you MUST be utilizing a youth baseball strength training program. Adding size, strength, and overall explosiveness along with improving your swing sequence will help your measurable tools reach an elite level.

4. Improves skill consistency:

Just as important as increasing the velocity of your movement, improving your ability to repeat your movement pattern repeatedly is key to playing at the highest levels. As your strength levels increase, so does body’s coordination and ability to repeat movements. If you watch a professional athlete take batting practice alongside even a top-level high school athlete, you will see a noticeable difference in how every swing the pro takes looks the exact same whereas the high school athlete will have minor variances in each swing. The inability to repeat the movement is why (along with many other reasons) it takes multiple years for high school players to reach the Major Leagues after they are drafted vs. college guys who can become successful within a few short years.

5. Increases confidence:

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Look good, play good.” The same goes for “Feel good, play good.” When an athlete spends time in a youth baseball strength training program, he begins to put on muscle mass, walk differently because of that strength (literally his posture gets better) and overall feel different. This strength and added “swag” in his step will lead directly to more confidence both on a baseball field and in life.

If you (or your son) are serious about becoming the best baseball player possible, you MUST start focusing on strength and explosiveness by implementing a proven youth baseball strength training program today!

Becoming (and maintaining) an elite level athlete is not easy. It takes years upon years of daily training…and when I say training I mean both in the weight room, in the cages and on the field (and let’s not forget about in the classroom!). There are sacrifices that must be made on your part to reach that level, but I PROMISE you, every sacrifice you make will be well worth it in the end!

Our CageRat Recruiting Program helps you by creating an individualized plan based on your goals and skill level that will actually get you recruited. Our methods are based on how college coaches actually recruit and created by coaches with D1 coaching experience.

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