Let me make one thing clear before we get into this article: RECRUITING VIDEOS WILL NOT GET YOU RECRUITED.

Don’t get me wrong, recruiting videos serve a purpose….just not the one you are expecting.

The recruiting process has two aspects to it:

  1. Developing relationships with coaches
  2. Learning how to market your strengths to coaches

So where does a recruiting video play into the recruiting process?

Most likely, the best thing a recruiting video will do for you is show a college coach whether or not you are a prospect worth following.

Did you get the wording there: prospect worth following, not a prospect worth recruiting.

What is the difference?

If a coach wants to follow you, he will do everything he can to see you play live at some point in the near future. If he wants to recruit you, he is comfortable with your skill level and likes you as a player.

So how do you make a good recruiting video?

When most people think of recruiting videos, they think of some highly dramatic video that someone has spent $500+ on that has intro music, fading and all the other theatrical editing done to it.

I am going to give you this advice: when you are making your video, the more you put into it and the more money you spend, the more desperate you are going to seem to the coaches.

Here are 4 steps to getting your recruiting video watched:

  1. Keep it short and simple: Coaches don’t need to see much of you to decide whether or not he has an interest in seeing you. You want to make sure your entire video gets watched, so make sure to keep it under 3 minutes total. That means a handful of swings, ground balls, etc.
  2. Don’t add a long intro: Again, the longer it takes to get to where the coach can see you, the less of a chance the video will get watched. Skip the intro and get straight into the action. You can add your name, grad year, and contact information in your email.
  3. Don’t spend a lot of money on it: The more money you spend, the more desperate you will seem to “look good.” Remember, this video isn’t going to get you recruited. You just need to get it watched….and coaches don’t care how “pretty” it is. Function over looks here!
  4. Send a very short, factual email with it: The key to get it watched is to make your email good. Keep it short, factual and to the point. Add your name, grad year, contact info as well as measurable tools and WHY YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THEIR SCHOOL. Finally, add a youtube link to your recruiting video.

The recruiting process can be a very stressful time. Don’t overcomplicate the problem by making the process harder and more expensive than it needs to be.

Remember the recruiting process is VERY simple:

  • You must be good enough
  • The coach must know you and see you play live
  • The coach must like you
  • There must be a need for you in the program

That’s really it.

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