At every point in a player’s career, there is going to come a time when you need to begin taking college visits.

Today we are going to be discussing unofficial visits.

Usually, you will begin taking unofficial visits before taking official visits. The reason is because you cannot take official visits until the beginning of your senior season.


What is an unofficial visit?

An unofficial visit is when you visit a college campus and pay for your entire trip including food, transportation, lodging, etc.

The only item you can get for free on an unofficial visit are complimentary tickets to a game.

When can you take an unofficial visit? 

You can begin taking unofficial visits at any point in your career.

There are no rules on taking unofficial visits. However, during a recruiting “Dead Period,” a coach cannot have contact with you on or off campus, so taking an unofficial during this time would not be a good use of your time!

What is the difference between unofficial and official visits? 

The only real difference is the cost. The recruits transportation, food, and lodging are taken care of during officials.

When should you start taking unofficial visits?

I recommend beginning to visit colleges as soon as you a) begin creating a list of schools that interest you b) know whether or not you have a chance to play at that school or c) the coach has an interest in you and asks you to visit unofficially.

Create a list of schools you are interested in: You can go visit schools just to visit them, but you should at least have an idea of where you would want to attend.

Visiting schools is going to cost money on transportation, so unless a school is very close, it’s a good idea to hold off.

Know whether or not you have a chance to play at that school: We have discussed “Self-Evaluation” in previous articles.

If you are a pitcher throwing 78 mph, you probably shouldn’t be visiting SEC level schools. Know your abilities.

This isn’t to kill a dream, but you need to know where you stand with players at your position in those schools

The coach has an interest in you and asks you to visit unofficially: With the change in recruiting, schools are offering players earlier and earlier.

If a school asks you to come out to an unofficial visit, they have an interest in you.

It’s tough to tell how much of an interest, but they wouldn’t waste their time by bringing you in and spending all day with you!

You should go as long as you can afford it!

Unofficial visits are a key part of the recruiting process.

If you have a school within an hour or two of your hometown, a great idea would be to go on an unofficial visit during a home game.

I recommend doing this as a freshman in high school, even if the coach doesn’t know you.

The reason why is this will begin giving you ideas as to what you are looking for in a school and it will give you a chance to see a college baseball game.

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