There is a great debate about the importance of analyzing swings to improve.

I am a big fan of video and believe it definitely has its place.

However, I believe that it is used at the wrong times and can actually hurt you if not used properly.

Many hitting instructors focus solely on video to make improvement in their players.

In my opinion, this is hurting more kids than it is helping! Many kids that I work with regularly that have gone to hitting instructors in the past lack the MOST important part of a great swing, which is bat speed!

Without bat speed, you can NOT hit at a high level!

With a lower level of hitter, if I cannot figure out where their swing flaws are and fix them without video, I am not worth a lot as a hitting instructor.

Whenever I have players come in for a workout, I focus on 3 main things:

1. Bat Speed: We focus on developing bat speed by using heavy bats, doing different drills that incorporate the whole body, and by taking a lot of swings!

Within a few months of working out with us, our guys see their bat speeds increase an average of 7 MPH!

2. Bat Plane: Being able to get and stay on plane with a pitch is absolutely crucial to consistently squaring pitches up.

During our drills and front toss, we work on hitting different parts of the back net.

If you cannot consistently hit the same location on a net with a ball sitting on a tee, how will you be able to consistently hit a 90 MPH fastball with movement?

3. Bat Path: If your lower half is working correctly with your upper half, your bat will automatically “stay inside” the baseball.

When most people say “stay inside” they want the player to push their hands towards the inner half of the baseball.

With great swing mechanics and sequence, the bath path should naturally be from in to out. If it is the other way around, it means your shoulders are connected to your hips and the shoulder rotation is pulling your bat in the wrong direction.

Until my players have a certain level of bat speed and consistency with their swing, I do not even bother to use a video.

Once they are to what I would consider a D-1 level of hitting, I will video them and break it down by myself to see where they can make adjustments.

These adjustments have a lot to do with angles, which is where video analysis software is great because it will actually give you the degrees of angles on the screen!

It is great to have a “pretty swing.”

However, even the best looking swing will not allow you to hit at a high level if you do not have the bat speed to go with it.

The 1st thing you need to work on is bat speed, once you have that, then you can get the mechanics where they need to be!

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